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Latest News

Visiting scholars and presentations New 2017/04/18

Prof. Hongyu Zhang (The University of New Castle) was invited to visit CSATR and gave a presentation entitled “Data Driven Software Engineering”.

Academic Service New 2017/04/18

Xiaoyuan Xie served as guess editor of Program Debugging, a special issue of Journal of Systems and Software(JSS).

Historical News

Conference Report  2016/12/18

Jifeng Xuan was invited to the 6th International Symposium on High Confidence Software (ISHCS 2016) and made a report named “Test-Suite Based Program Repair for Conditional Statements”.

Conference Report  2016/11/04

Xiaoyuan Xie was invited to the Annual Conference on Software Analysis, Testing and Evolution (SATE 2016) and delivered a report on “Revisit of automatic debugging via human focus-tracking analysis”.

Yongfeng Gu presented his paper “Automatic Reproducible Crash Detection”.Poject “Automatic Reproducible Crash Detection” by Yongfeng Gu won the Excellent Award in NASAC Contest 2016. This project was demonstrated in NASAC 2016 (Kunming, on Nov. 5, 2016), one of the highest ranked conference on Software Engineering in China.

Conference Organization  2016/10/27

Xiaoyuan Xie served as program committee co-chair of The 7th IEEE International Workshop on Program Debugging (IWPD 2016) held in Ottawa,Canada in October.

Conference Organization  2016/09/20

Xiaoyuan Xie was the local chair of The 3rd International Conference on Trustworthy Systems and Their Applications (TSA 2016) held in Wuhan in September. Xiangyang Jia and Jifeng Xuan also served as public co-chair.

Academic Exchange  2016/09/20

Dr. Xin Xia(University of British Columbia) was invited to visit CSTAR, and delivered a report entitled “Software Analytics: Challenges and Opportunities”.

Conference Report  2016/08/10

Jifeng Xuan was invited to the 3rd National Software Engineering Young Scholars Salon and gave a report entitled “Automatic Program Repair for Conditional Statements” and Yongfeng Gu presented his paper later.

Conference Organization  2016/08/03

Jifeng Xuan acted as program committee co-chair of The 2rd International Workshop on Human and Social Aspect of Software Quality (HASQ 2016) held in Vienna, Austria in August.

Conference Report  2016/08/03

Xiaoyuan Xie attended The 38th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE 2016) held in Austin,U.S, and made a report entitled “Revisit of Automatic Debugging via Human Focus-tracking Analysis”. Meanwile, she took part in The 1st International Workshop on Metamorphic Testing (MET 2016) and gave a report on named “Looking for an MR? Try METWiki today”.